Animals in Captivity

Normally when humans keep animals in captivity they make the excuse that these animals are rescue animals but that isn’t always the case. Humans have captured animals because they know that these places make money for tourists and are used for recreational purposes. Animals that aren’t domesticated shouldn’t be kept in captivity if they are perfectly healthy and can manage on their own. In some cases animals have been captured at such a young age that they are raised by their handlers that when they grow up they can’t be released into the wild because they have lost their ability to survive in the wild by themselves in the wild and have to be kept in captivity for the rest of their lives.

Caring for an animal in captivity takes knowledge, time and money. The animal welfare people will come to inspect these zoos and aquariums; recently there have been cases where they have to shut down such places because they are not meeting the requirement which is why you are seeing so many zoos for sale and large aquariums for sale because the owners don’t have the resources to up keep these institutions. There will always be a big debate as to whether or not animals should be kept in captivity as many institutions are constantly abusing their animals and aren’t giving them the proper care that they deserve.

It has always been a grey area in terms of animal preservation as animal experts normally defend the fact that animals should be kept in captivity because it helps preserve the species. Nowadays the only time you will ever see a rhino or a polar bear is in a zoo because of the poaching problems that the world has become a victim to. Poaching is a growing problem and has caused the near extinction of many animals because of it. Humans have decided to take the last remaining animals of their species and hold them captive to preserve them.

Game reserves aren’t necessarily holding animals captive as they are allowed much more freedom but the place that they live are normally surrounded by fencing to keep them enclosed and protect them. If you ever see aquariums for sale or zoos for sale you will stop and wonder why? It will be because that place didn’t have enough resources or they violated the rules of keeping animals in captivity. The bottom line is that animals weren’t created in captivity and were always meant to roam free.

Get The Healthiest Possible Food For Your Canine Friend

Just as you would need specific dietary needs throughout your life, your canine four legged friends need the same treatment, in order to remain healthy and filled with energy. A lot of first time dog owners will usually not make the distinction between different kinds of food for your pet. While it is true that the food grains do contain a blend of everything your dog needs for a healthy, well rounded diet, the reason there are so many brands to choose from is not only to cater to your financial needs, but to their actual dietary needs, as well.

Their age may entail different dietary needs
One of the most important factors, that will often determine the type of dog food you will be the most likely to purchase, is the age of your dog. This is why you can see the clearly distinguished brands, meant for puppies, adults and seniors. They are all nutritious, and will satisfy your dog’s food cravings, but the core difference is located within the ingredients. For example, food brands meant for juniors will often include plenty of minerals and vitamins, to support their development and make sure that they get a daily intake of the essential substances they need to stay healthy, while food brands meant for seniors may often have ingredients that are much easily digested, to avoid causing digestive problems for your pet.

Every life phase needs a new food type
Typically, you should be feeding the junior brands of dog food to your pet, from the moment they are able to eat solid foods, until nine months have passed and they are considered to be adults. After they reach the adult phase of life, you will need to change the type of food you will give to them, in order to cater to their newly found meal needs. Once your dog reaches the age of five, you should switch to senior food and keep feeding it to them.

Get the most quality out of it
While choosing the appropriate type of food, based on your pet’s age is essential for their general well-being, this isn’t the only factor you will need to consider when choosing a brand for the first time, or switching to a new one. The quality of ingredients used to create these dehydrated pellets is also very important, and you should keep in mind that ‘expensive’ doesn’t always necessarily mean ‘better’. Admittedly, the price may also turn out to be an important factor throughout your purchase, but you should ultimately rely on the facts related to the product itself, when making a decision.

Don’t trust the price to point the quality out
A lot of the well-known food brands will charge more for their products, simply because of their popularity, regardless of the realistic quality of the food they offer. You should trust the ingredients’ list much more than the price tag. When trying to find a good brand, look for a list that specifies a certain meat as the primary ingredient. These can be turkey or chicken, but some premium canine food suppliers may be able to offer an even more exotic taste.

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